Patricia's Driving School

A Good Driving School with Great Pupils
Helping you Pass Your Drivers Licence The Safe And Legal Way

Why choose us over our competitors:

I have many years of experience and a reputation for really caring about my clients.  No student is a number here, every individual receives the undivided attention that they deserve. 

I am bound to my area, Johannesburg (South Africa) and do my best to have my pupils tested in centers that are known to be fair.  I proudly run an honest service and am not prepared to endanger my students by encouraging corruption.

Driving lessons are provided in a driver training vehicle (at least for the first lesson) which has power steering, ABS and dual-controls for safety.

You will never see me driving a pupil around (these are driving lessons not a shuttle service) or training more than one pupil on the same lesson (you get the undivided attention you deserve).

All relevant material is taught in a one-on-one environment, from Learner's lessons to K53 driving technique.   

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